About Lapampa

La Pampa, intimate restaurant is based Argentinean cuisine, specializing in smoked meats.

La Pampa is located in the western Galilee in natural woodlands.

Restaurant meal experience is a total experience, outgoing packets from the restaurant at a leisurely pace and at a time out of the kitchen another little surprise.

La Pampa was established with much love by Eran Tabachnik and his family and close to home.

Perched on a balcony overlooking the magical, mountainous and calm and was established to provide an authentic experience of nature of relaxing, along with special food and delicious. Daytime and evening, winter and summer.

This is a different experience than most restaurants in the Western Galilee, arrival? From this moment the pace dictates fragrant smoke smoker, slow pace is an integral part of the experience.

Restaurant menu varies according to the flesh waiting for the smoker, as usually a rich Great chunks as entrecote and shpondra (asado), intensify the experience of smoking thanks to the welcome meeting between meat, fat and bone.

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